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Anyone can access the best doctors from around the world and an innovative
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Upload your recent medical reports and scans in the form of JPEG or PDF documents.

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Detailed holistic report of analysis in the form of PDF will be shared over email in 72 to 120 hrs.

Path to Recovery

Let us work together on well-being of your loved ones.

Power of Artificial Intelligence

Our AI engine analyzes 100's of similar cases thus giving an advantage to maintain uniformity in results & minimize human error in diagnosing the condition, which will ultimately benefit in providing an accurate opinion every time.

Experience of Specialist Doctors

Our panel consist of the best doctors in their respective fields, from around the world. Together they provide a consolidated opinion to help you make confident & informed decisions about your health.

Not just a second opinion but a holistic report of your well-being

John Doe

I am 45 years old
I am a Male
I weigh 76 kgs

Health Status - What comes in Holistic Analysis of your case

Lifestyle & Habits

We consider your work lifestyle, eating habits, sleeping schedule & other habits such as smoking etc

Medical History

We scan through your past medical history, lifestyle ailments & medications

Family History

We also consider family/hereditary data to identify patterns & characteristics

What people say?

My mother was diagnosed with Gastro-Intestinal Tumor (GIST). She was advised immediate surgery. One of our relative suggested us to take second opinion through OpinionX. Though nothing changed in the diagnosis, what we understood was that due to large size of tumor, immediate surgery would be risky & also entire tumor might not get totally removed. So, doctors suggested to have medication course for few months along with monthly monitoring of tumor size till it reaches to the point when surgery could be easily done. It really helped us avoiding un-necessary immediate surgery expenses & it’s future complications.

Raghav Sawant, Sangli (Identity changed for privacy purpose).

What people say?

We were very panic after my brother got diagnosed with Mouth Cancer. We had got our first opinion to undergo chemotherapy followed by surgery. But when we checked with OpinionX, they brought to our notice that my brother is heart patient (they asked us for all his relevant health reports to be submitted online). In view of the recent hospitalization details, he was advised to undergo 6 weeks cycle of Radiation therapy to at least control the growing disease & then to Surgery after minimum period of 2 months. Thanks to OpinionX , It saved him from high risk & painful chemotherapy.

Suraj Mishra, Pune (Identity changed for privacy purpose).

What people say?

It was devastating for me to know that my mother had lung cancer. The reports came and she was advised immediate chemotherapy. One of my friend advised to go for second opinion from OpinionX. They just asked us to closely monitor the side effects of the treatment along with details of tentative changes which patient may experience & also informed us to alert our primary treating doctor if any unusual change is observed. Thanks to OpinionX, It confirmed the diagnosis & treatment plan & helped us confidently starting our treatment. It was a very miniscule price to pay to proceed with caution and precaution for my mother’s treatment.

Minakshi Shah, Pune (Identity changed for privacy purpose).

What people say?

I had injury in my right knee and was unable to run from long time. I had been advised not to go for surgery considering the future complications.One of my society member told me about opinionx and I proceeded to have an independent opinion. The opinion was well eloborated addressing each of my question in detailed way. So the confusion I had earlier about the surgery is no more there.I have understood the options clearly & will be proceeding with them soon.Great work team,Thank you.

Sunil Lodha Pune (Identity changed for privacy purpose).

Before you upload

What is a second opinion?
A second opinion is when a doctor other than your primary treating doctor gives you his or her view about your health problem and how to treat it. It can help you make a more informed decision about your disease.
What are the investigation reports to be uploaded?
The following medical reports are essential to process the patient's case. Kindly upload SCAN copies of your case specific reports in the form of PDF,JPG or JPEG format. We prefer reports from accredited laboratories and diagnostic centres. We recommend you to scratch/strike out patient's name (writing) with pen/pencil from all the reports before you upload them in the system so as to hide patient's ' primary doctor's identity from OpinionX.

Radiology reports such as CT scans, PET-CT scans, MRIs, Ultrasound/Sonography (USG), X-rays, Mammograms etc.

-Biopsy reports or post-surgery pathology confirming a cancer diagnosis. These reports usually include specialized IHC tests, or receptor tests done for each cancer (such as ER/PR/HER2 for Breast Cancer, or KRAS/NRAS for Colo-Rectal Cancer etc.)
-Recent reports: Complete Blood Count (CBC), Renal/Kidney Function Test (RFT/KFT/Biochemistry), Liver Function Test (LFT), Echocardiogram, ECG,Pulmonary function test (PFT) ,Thyroid function test (TFT)
-Pathology Reports such as Blood Reports, Urine reports, Stool report, FNAC report

-Primary diagnosis /1st Opinion report
-Surgical/operative notes, and notes on completed chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone therapy
-Clinical notes & all recent prescriptions from the local treating physician or oncologist
-Planned surgeries, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone, immuno therapy etc.

Please note-
1.You must respond promptly to all requests for information and provide accurate information because the quality of the second Opinion is solely dependent on completeness of patient's information.

NOTE: collective size of the uploads should not exceed 75 MB.

What is consolidated opinion?
Instead of one doctor giving you an opinion, a panel of expert doctors together give a second opinion. The more expert eyes on your case will help provide a holistic & the most accurate second opinion possible.
What will be your tentative response time?
OpinionX will provide a second opinion within 72 to 120 hrs after the case is assigned to panel. Please note if the user delays in submitting required details, the response time will be affected.
Will you be actually treating the patient?
No. The opinions, advice and information being given by our expert doctors are only to make you understand about your health condition and best available treatment options etc. It doesn’t constitute a direct medical diagnosis, treatment or prescription.
How will I receive second opinion from OpinionX?
You will be receiving final opinion comments with respect to your case over email in the form of PDF document.
What are the privacy measures you have taken care of ?
We take Security, Privacy & Confidentiality concerns of our customers very seriously and have taken steps to ensure that the confidential information is kept secure. Patient’s identity (Name,email,contact) will always be hidden from the panel of doctors and similarly doctor's identity (Name,email,contact) will always be hidden from the patient.
Do I have the choice to select any specific doctors to work on my case?
No. After your opinion request is received, the case will automatically be assigned to suitable doctors in context to the patient’s ailment & health profile..
Do you have any provision for refund if in case response on case is not received ?
Only In the event that OpinionX is unable to provide a response within 120 hours of the case being assigned and the User has submitted all the necessary information, OpinionX shall process and provide a complete refund of the payment.
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